Friday, February 3, 2012

Goodness I was bored today, I wanted nothing more than to leave the house- nowhere specific I just wanted to go somewhere, haha. Watched another baby mom is kind of obsessed with them. I sure can't wait until I can drive..

My devotion today talked about how God is always with us, and knows/hears everything we say and do.
Wow, that is a bit intimidating isn't it? Yet, at the same time it's amazing, like it says:
"But that very knowledge also gives us great comfort. We don't have to impress God or put up a false front. Instead, we can trust God to help us work through our weaknesses in order to serve Him as He has planned."

Isn't God so awesome? He knows everything we ever do, all the bad things we've done or are going to do, yet He's forever forgiven us.. It makes me just want to take a second and say, God I am so sorry for the things I've let myself think, the attitude I've let myself have. I'm so thankful for an amazing God who trusts me with so much, KNOWING I'm going to fail, and forgiving me when I do!

I just got off the phone with Kelsey a little bit ago, had an awesome (and random, and weird,) almost two hour phone call with her.. Haha! Love you shoe!

I love my life, and my friends, and the things I'm blessed with. I feel like I've already been a bit closer to God through writing about my life daily, partially because if I'm writing daily about my life, I want to have something to say. And if I don't have anything to say I need to find something! So through that mindset I've been more determined to read my devotion, and share my thoughts. And through that I'm getting closer to God because I'm listening more.

Looking forward to Sunday, I think I'm going with some friends geocaching and then the superbowl party before going to my friend Rachel's house to help her mom out since she's having a baby! (lots of babies due around this time!)

~7 days til the Texas trip ;)


Kahri said...

I didn't get out today, but if you are having another bored day, let me know, I can come get you! I'm proud of your blogging...

CurlyCate said...

I had a bored day too. :)
Great post! I love to see what you're learning--it is very encouraging! Hope you have great weekend!

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