Sunday, February 19, 2012

(I keep having this habit of writing my posts a day late! Oh well,)

I was up, til two am...I blame the coffee..

We had some friends come over to see 'lil Emily before church..then went to church. The message was good! We got to show off Emily to people at church (reactions are so funny to watch from people who haven't seen her)

After church was Harmonic Souls!!(if you don't know what Harmonic Souls the link!)  =D =D We now have a weekly space at Agora and the room is perfect!!  Plenty of space, and there were tables so  we could move those and have tons more space! It was really cool. Jeff, the guy that works there, is letting us have it for free, and dad is suggesting people throw a buck or two in to give him as a thank you, and buy drinks, too! Dad and I got a mint mocha.....ohhhh it was good! And I normally don't like coffee!

Two weeks from last night will be the next "Bring It" (Harmonic Souls version of a show and tell with music) and Dillon and I will be doing a song...we decided on Somebody That I Used To Know ( long as I can sing it, the guy  parts are kinda low)
I'm excited.

Mandy and Rob came over after that, at like, midnight. And we got to hang out and play with our phones, and watch POV rollercoaster videos. It was fun. I finally crashed at 2:30am

Fun day =)


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