Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another day of not much worth talking about... I mostly sat around, did chores here and there and some other random things. My mom had a prenatal she went to with dad so they were gone for a few hours this afternoon... I can't wait for little Emily to come, I'm getting pretty excited!

I watched a little bit of a documentary on homebirth.. I'm not crazy about it like my mom or anything, but I sure got mad when there was a part where the guy was talking about how he doesn't think a baby can be too big for a woman (which my mom agrees with, God makes the baby the right size for the mother, and it's not definite that something will go wrong) and the people at the hospital just started laughing at him! People induce women all the time using medicine that hurts them and the baby, it's just sad =(

Anyway, didn't get much done today, sorry for it being kinda boring.. I just realized I haven't even read my devotion today! =/

Okay I took a minute to read my devotion, haha.. Now I have something to talk about.

Psalm 4:3 You can be sure of this: the LORD set apart the godly for Himself. The LORD will answer when I call to Him.

Today's devotion talked about how God always answers our prayers, maybe just not always how we think He will or want Him to. I struggle with that sometimes, I have to realize God isn't always going to answer my prayers the way I want Him to, I'm not in control and I shouldn't be..His way is much better than ours and we have to get that into our selfish human minds. -Ouch, that sounds harsh, but it's true, we're imperfect humans created under God, and we are blessed with each breath we take. Another thing that's mentioned in the verse and devotion is being set apart. I'm very big on being different, being yourself (just look at the URL for my blog itself!). I hate it when people act different around different people to impress them.. God didn't make us to fit in with the crowd, He set us apart to be different and spread His word to those who don't know it.. Be a MISFiT! ;)

Wow, didn't expect to be preaching today, glad I had something worth saying =)

~8 days til the Texas trip! =)


CurlyCate said...

Awesome! Love it! Great stuff!

Kahri said...

Love how you read your devotional and came back with more to say. :-)

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