Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today was mostly laid back again.. But I got to hang out with Jenna and go get free pancakes at IHOP for dinner! We got to talk and she gave me a book on leadership we're going to read together. It was nice to get to hang out with her again, I've missed my lovely mentor! =)

We're going to try and start walking Saturday mornings.

Tomorrow is Superhero Switch night! Brittany and I started it and we're so excited to see it spread campus-wide!

Brittany and I are going to start doing more of the 77 check together, I'm excited!

Glad to have more to post about finally, I'm going to try and start doing more so I can have more to write about!

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Yeah we didn't really do school yesterday.. We caught up on all the chores (which was kind of a lot since everyone's been sicky) And after that we caught up on more family TV. So yeah.

Dad fixed the ps3!...yay!

Hoping to start writing more exciting once I'm not stuck around the house all day, Switch wednesday night! We're dressing up as superheroes!

dunununununununununununununa BATMAN!!! yeah that's who I'm going as.

Monday, February 27, 2012

So yesterday my mom started feeling blah and we all just watched Family TV all day.. Haha. Not much to write about.

We were going to go to the zoo today but because my mom doesn't feel well it's not happening..I'm bummed.
I think we're starting school again today so yeah.. I'll write about today at the end of it if I remember.. x)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


So..I apologize for not posting anything the last week almost. I got sick..strep throat. Miserable =(

Just started feeling better thursday, right after getting antibiotics, and now I'm fine still taking meds and mom says I've been on them long enough to be around people..yay!

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Monday, February 20, 2012

I know it's only 5:40 but I don't know if I'll feel up to writing later..

I'm sick >.< not flu luckily but my throat is bothering me and I just don't feel good. Doesn't help the other stuff that's been off and on going on lately so it's frustrating. I've been watching TV all day and I want to do something but don't feel up to doing anything. And it's raining =/

So, yeah. That's all, I've been watching TV and dozing and that's probably all I will do the rest of the day.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lifegroup was tonight! I love our lifegroup, I ended up talking Tiffany's ear off tonight, I feel so at home with them and love being around them. =)

Kinda going through some stuff right now so prayers are much appreciated! I feel a bit distanced from God and a bit of friend stuff. Just struggling some.

(I keep having this habit of writing my posts a day late! Oh well,)

I was up, til two am...I blame the coffee..

We had some friends come over to see 'lil Emily before church..then went to church. The message was good! We got to show off Emily to people at church (reactions are so funny to watch from people who haven't seen her)

After church was Harmonic Souls!!(if you don't know what Harmonic Souls the link!)  =D =D We now have a weekly space at Agora and the room is perfect!!  Plenty of space, and there were tables so  we could move those and have tons more space! It was really cool. Jeff, the guy that works there, is letting us have it for free, and dad is suggesting people throw a buck or two in to give him as a thank you, and buy drinks, too! Dad and I got a mint mocha.....ohhhh it was good! And I normally don't like coffee!

Two weeks from last night will be the next "Bring It" (Harmonic Souls version of a show and tell with music) and Dillon and I will be doing a song...we decided on Somebody That I Used To Know ( long as I can sing it, the guy  parts are kinda low)
I'm excited.

Mandy and Rob came over after that, at like, midnight. And we got to hang out and play with our phones, and watch POV rollercoaster videos. It was fun. I finally crashed at 2:30am

Fun day =)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last night was awesomeee!!!

The day was pretty laid back..but I got VIP tickets for the Rock and Worship Roadshow last night!!!
VIP got us in early, and we got a T-shirt...In getting in early we went in kind of a weird entrance, and got lost. We started following random people when we heard "go that way" and ended up in an elevator getting out on a random floor. We walked out to see a  bunch of people eating and we were kind of confused, just kept walking. 'Til I heard someone call my name. I was really confused but when I looked around it was Rich! We told him we were lost and asked who the people were and he looked over and said "Well, there are some guys from Hawk Nelson over there, Disciple there.." we freaked out! And when he asked if we wanted to meet someone we got more excited. He brought over Micah Sannan from Disciple, he was fun to talk to, Rich told him about Catalyst and Brittany, Kahri and I just stood there smiling at him, a bit too star struck to say anything (we felt stupid for not asking for a picture or autograph or something, ha!) but it was cool to talk to him!

The concert itself was amazing!! I almost cried during Tenth Avenue North's 'By Your Side' and I don't even know why, it was really powerful.

Disciple was fun to watch - Micah did a backflip! - and Hawk Nelson did a cover of Don't Stop Believing at the end of their songs! Awesome!

Fun night! I'm so glad I got to go with my awesome friends... (Thank you for taking me, and for the poster, Kahri!!)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today was again, laid back. PJs all day and played video games. Our friends brought dinner and visited, it was nice =)

I feel bad my posts have been so boring..

To be honest I feel a tad distanced from God =( I've never been great about praying, though I have been reading Bible/devotion a lot more. I hate to be so back and fourth and I don't really know why, I just want to be more connected. I'm looking forward to Acquire The Fire this year, I've always gotten a lot out of it and it always brings me God, and I need that right now.

Well, Jonah just got sick so tonight isn't ending on a great note...have to see about plans tomorrow. =/

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Most of the morning/day I was playing Skyrim..haha! 

But tonight was Big Switch! It was fun, though I personally found the message awkward..I made a purity promise years ago, so.. yep. 

Last-minute plans got made to go to the Rock & Worship Roadshow on Friday!! I'm excited, we get VIP tickets!

I feel bad for my parents tonight, it was supposed to be their valentine's date night tonight, but Jordan faked being sick and they didn't get to go =(

Aanyways, fun night! =)
(I know I'm writing this a day late,)

Happy Valentine's day!!

It was a good Valentine's day =) my grandparents came from Missouri to see Emily and stayed for awhile, we got to hang out and they brought lots of good food!
At one point my mom went to take a nap and Emily slept on me contently for an hour ^-^ after screaming at me most of the times I held her that was pretty awesome!

Good day, again pretty relaxed. Big Switch tomorrow so I'll have more to talk about =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pretty laid back day.. we just got to hang out, I held Emily(fighting over her with Miranda ;P )

Around dinner time Kahri and Brittany brought the kiddos and they visited for awhile, it was nice to get to hang out with them! Silly Emily was so calm with Kahri after being so fussy with me all day! I emailed my grandma about making Britty a wand! Luna Lovegood's! =)

Anyway.. really that was it, watched TV as a family (Once Upon a Time!) and went to bed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My baby sister!!

Emily Rose Casper
born 02/11/12
8lbs 15 ounces 20 inches

This morning we got up and got our things together. We got to hang out for awhile before we had to leave-- even got in half a Harry Potter movie! We were all really sad when we had to leave, it was one of the funnest weekends I've had- I love my awesome friends and I'm so glad we got to see them!

The car ride home was hilarious, sleep deprived and crazy. We were eating powermints and they were making us crazy!! My mouth went numb, and we felt "magical orbs of cold" in our throat.. Yeah we were tired.

After awhile I think we all passed out for awhile, and then we laughed when Dillon sat straight up and said "Nice scenery! Good time to wake up."

When we got home I got to hold my baby sister!! She's soo cute! Even though I was holding her in my arms, it's still weird! I never fully grasped that there was going to be a baby in the house and, now there is and we're all still not used to it!

It was an awesome weekend and though I'm sad we couldn't stay longer I'm glad to be home.
Yesterday Kelsey and I woke up to constant talking and laughing from the living room (so we walked out laughing) haha! We woke up and talked for a little while and then went to get doughnuts (only to find the dumb doughnut shop doesn't take cash?!?!) so we went to CVS and the guy there called us children for accidentally knocking things over (and picking them up!!) so THEN we went to Subway, and the people there were really nice! We all split footlongs and hung out for awhile before leaving.

Kelsey and Rachel's dad picked us up halfway (we got impatient and started heading back even though he was picking us up) it was reallly cold!
We got back to the house and did some more hanging out, we talked and played Mario Kart and then went to in-n-out burger for was good! Though it's intimidating because the menu is so small, and there are like, secret burgers you have to know to be able to order them..
At the resteraunt my dad called to tell me little Emily was born!


(excuse my excitement)


Then we went to church, the message was really good! I've always been interested in the story of Samson for some reason so I'm excited for this series.
After church we really wanted to walk to dollar general to get some gum...and ended up in the comic book store in between church and dollar general...three girls, two guys (and miss Melanie!) freaking out over the nerdness of all the comics...eeeppiiiccc..

We finally went back to the Walton's place and ended up watching at least an hour of The Big Bang theory while enjoying some guuuuud chili!!! Then we turned on Harry Potter, I made it through about a movie and a half!! Then I fell asleep....aaand got lipstick put on me. And eyeshadow on one eye. And apparently Kelsey gave me a wet willy.. AWESOME. Now everyone knows how heavy a sleeper I am xD

Anyway it was an amazing weekend, and I'm sad to be back, but excited that I'm home to see Emily- I'll post about today later tonight.
Didn't get a chance to post while I was in Texas!

Friday I got picked up around 11:00 and we headed to Texas for Rachel's party.. The five hour car ride was so much fun! Britty, me, Dillon and Cody are freaks in the car =)

We got to Kelsey and Rachel's house around 5:00ish? And got to hang out a little bit before getting dressed for the party..the party was so much fun!!! Lots of dancing and being crazy. Mocktails and "alcoholic" drinks ;P and lots of snacks!

I don't even remember how long the party was, it felt like forever, and by the time it was over I was sooo tired!! We turned on Scott Pilgrim and I feel asleep not very far through, I don't remember falling asleep, just looking around and everyone was going to bed.. Haha, then I passed out on Kelsey's floor.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today I got picked up by Kahri and went to Ross to find a dress for Rachel's party (TOMORROW) dress shopping was SO FUN, I had Emily, Kaedra and Ethan shadowing me trying to pick my dress for me, those three are awesome x)
Found a really pretty purple one and bought it, I love it! I also bought some lavender/purple converse to wear with it!! (I've always wanted a pair of converse so I was super excited about that!)

Came home and packed for tomorrow, painted my nails (dark sparkly purple) and took a nap so I could watch a show with the family tonight before bed. Went last minute shopping with mom, she wanted some things from the thrift store and was going to get them on a sale but realized they wouldn't be on sale that day, so we ran to the store thirty minutes before it closed to buy baby stuff. She bought a little pair of boots (that looks like tiny pink Uggs) for little Emily.

Anyway, I need to make sure I'm all packed and get ready for bed.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This morning I got up, got to hang out with Rachel and play Skyrim (okay okay I'm obsessed! But I'll be busy for the next week or so, so I won't be lazily posting about my video gaming).
Around 10/11ish Rachel's parents came home with baby Elissa, she's so sweet and tiny! I actually got to hold her before her big brother (Zac)! Haha.

Came home this afternoon and talked to my mom (she was reminded what the house is like when I'm home...I guess I'm a large majority of the loudness...yeahh..guilty). and then went to SWITCH!

The message tonight was really good! It talked about dreams, and that if God gives you a dream you should not give up on it, God gave you dreams for a reason.. Chris Durso talked about how if  people try to talk us out of our dreams, that doesn't mean we need to give up, obstacles will come our way and we need to be ready to face them.

Well, I'm exhausted, and Kahri's gonna pick me up in the morning to go to Ross to try and find a dress for Rachel's party... So I bid you all adieu ;P

~2 days!!
Yesterday we did the same... really boring to write about.. I'll have more to say during the Texas trip I'm sure!

~3 days!!!
Monday we got up early (thank you mister Jakob..) and basically got to just do whatever we wanted as long as we kept an eye on the kiddos.. I got to play Skyrim and we wrote more story stuff and just played with her siblings. Really I don't have much to say about the time I was there cause that's honestly what we did all day was play video games, write, play with her siblings and went to bed..

~4 days!
I know this is three days late but I'm just going to post all three of the blog posts I missed, so lots to read today, haha!

Sunday I didn't do anything until Kahri picked me up for the superbowl party at church.. it was pretty awesome! I'm still not much of a football fan but It was fun, Brittany, Rachel and I decided to cheer at every touchdown no matter which team scored.  We also screamed really loud at the Avengers trailer (so excited!)

I went home with Rachel and stayed from Sunday night to now (just got dropped off a bit ago) we hung out, wrote story and went to bed.

~ 5 days!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This morning (er, technically yesterday morning, cuz it's after midnight, but who cares) I went to a two year olds birthday party =) her name is Rachel, I babysat her several times and she is just adorable! She's started giggling so funny, where she'll just screech and giggle so loud and then just go back to normal like nothing ever happened...she's a doll. And her grandparents were all there, and it was funny because at one point her grandma came up to me and said "And you're..Mickaela? You were Julie's salvation while she had her classes! You are so sweet." And when I left she gave me a big hug and said "Thank you for being such a blessing to our family by watching Rachel." She was so sweet! I was glad I could be of so much help just by watching that adorable little girl!

The message at church was so awesome! The message today was '30 Second Theology' Craig took Superbowl commercials and talked about kind of the story that could be pulled from was awesome. The one that really hit me was about beauty. That commercial showing what is done to a woman's image to be considered beautiful disgusts me.. I've struggled a lot with 'oh I'm not pretty enough'..but not quite to that extent. I myself, along with all girls and women just need to think about what God Himself says in His own Word-
 Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
1 Timothy 2:9 And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pears or expensive clothes.

God did not create us to obsess over our outer looks, we're supposed to focus on God and have a personality and spirit worth His creating, and that is when we will be praised. (And a good note to think of... The kind of attention you're going to bring using your body is not the kind of attention you want).

After church a friend 'kidnapped' me to babysit for her, it was actually fun, I got to hang out with her adorable kids while they went on a date and after the kids were in bed I watched Gnomeo and Juliet then Tangled, and got to read some of my book (I'm reading The Hobbit =D).

Good day, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I get to hang out with Kahri, Brittany and Rachel! Woo! (hopefully Geocaching! But definitely the Superbowl party at church!)

~6 days til the Texas trip!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Goodness I was bored today, I wanted nothing more than to leave the house- nowhere specific I just wanted to go somewhere, haha. Watched another baby mom is kind of obsessed with them. I sure can't wait until I can drive..

My devotion today talked about how God is always with us, and knows/hears everything we say and do.
Wow, that is a bit intimidating isn't it? Yet, at the same time it's amazing, like it says:
"But that very knowledge also gives us great comfort. We don't have to impress God or put up a false front. Instead, we can trust God to help us work through our weaknesses in order to serve Him as He has planned."

Isn't God so awesome? He knows everything we ever do, all the bad things we've done or are going to do, yet He's forever forgiven us.. It makes me just want to take a second and say, God I am so sorry for the things I've let myself think, the attitude I've let myself have. I'm so thankful for an amazing God who trusts me with so much, KNOWING I'm going to fail, and forgiving me when I do!

I just got off the phone with Kelsey a little bit ago, had an awesome (and random, and weird,) almost two hour phone call with her.. Haha! Love you shoe!

I love my life, and my friends, and the things I'm blessed with. I feel like I've already been a bit closer to God through writing about my life daily, partially because if I'm writing daily about my life, I want to have something to say. And if I don't have anything to say I need to find something! So through that mindset I've been more determined to read my devotion, and share my thoughts. And through that I'm getting closer to God because I'm listening more.

Looking forward to Sunday, I think I'm going with some friends geocaching and then the superbowl party before going to my friend Rachel's house to help her mom out since she's having a baby! (lots of babies due around this time!)

~7 days til the Texas trip ;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another day of not much worth talking about... I mostly sat around, did chores here and there and some other random things. My mom had a prenatal she went to with dad so they were gone for a few hours this afternoon... I can't wait for little Emily to come, I'm getting pretty excited!

I watched a little bit of a documentary on homebirth.. I'm not crazy about it like my mom or anything, but I sure got mad when there was a part where the guy was talking about how he doesn't think a baby can be too big for a woman (which my mom agrees with, God makes the baby the right size for the mother, and it's not definite that something will go wrong) and the people at the hospital just started laughing at him! People induce women all the time using medicine that hurts them and the baby, it's just sad =(

Anyway, didn't get much done today, sorry for it being kinda boring.. I just realized I haven't even read my devotion today! =/

Okay I took a minute to read my devotion, haha.. Now I have something to talk about.

Psalm 4:3 You can be sure of this: the LORD set apart the godly for Himself. The LORD will answer when I call to Him.

Today's devotion talked about how God always answers our prayers, maybe just not always how we think He will or want Him to. I struggle with that sometimes, I have to realize God isn't always going to answer my prayers the way I want Him to, I'm not in control and I shouldn't be..His way is much better than ours and we have to get that into our selfish human minds. -Ouch, that sounds harsh, but it's true, we're imperfect humans created under God, and we are blessed with each breath we take. Another thing that's mentioned in the verse and devotion is being set apart. I'm very big on being different, being yourself (just look at the URL for my blog itself!). I hate it when people act different around different people to impress them.. God didn't make us to fit in with the crowd, He set us apart to be different and spread His word to those who don't know it.. Be a MISFiT! ;)

Wow, didn't expect to be preaching today, glad I had something worth saying =)

~8 days til the Texas trip! =)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm tired. =)

Today was.. not boring but not exciting. I didn't feel like leaving the house, even for SWITCH... but then I did so... yep.

One of my best friends, Kelsey (who also went to Capacity) called me in the middle of the day and asked me to sing her a song. That was an entertaining phone call, definitely made my day (love you Kelsey!)

She's also doing the journal for 30 days...only with videos! You can keep up with her stuff on her youtube! (Kelsey's youtube  <-- click)

I went to SWITCH, even though I was feeling lazy, I went early for Catalyst practice, although singing made my throat sore =( 
Oh, and I found out my dad decided to be a SWITCH leader tonight! YAY! Had some fun hangout time before SWITCH with Brittany, Dillon, Cody and my Dad! ;D

SWITCH was awesome, MISFiT week 2 was about Trust, and they talked about the story of Peter stepping out of the boat. The part that made me think was when Kahri brought up the question, who is in your boat? Who in your boat is bringing you down? 

Anyway, good day overall! I love my friends and I thank God for them, I thank God for all the things I'm blessed with. 

9 days 'til I go to Texas with Brittany, Dillon and Cody to visit Kelsey and Rachel for Rachel's birthday party... Can't wait!

It was more of a relaxing day yesterday, it was nice though. Kahri picked me up to take me to our homeschool prom meeting.. it was so much fun! Who knew a meeting would be fun? The theme is going to be 1950s murder mystery! I can't wait! That was most of yesterday. I'll try to have more to say about today, haha =)