Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm tired. =)

Today was.. not boring but not exciting. I didn't feel like leaving the house, even for SWITCH... but then I did so... yep.

One of my best friends, Kelsey (who also went to Capacity) called me in the middle of the day and asked me to sing her a song. That was an entertaining phone call, definitely made my day (love you Kelsey!)

She's also doing the journal for 30 days...only with videos! You can keep up with her stuff on her youtube! (Kelsey's youtube  <-- click)

I went to SWITCH, even though I was feeling lazy, I went early for Catalyst practice, although singing made my throat sore =( 
Oh, and I found out my dad decided to be a SWITCH leader tonight! YAY! Had some fun hangout time before SWITCH with Brittany, Dillon, Cody and my Dad! ;D

SWITCH was awesome, MISFiT week 2 was about Trust, and they talked about the story of Peter stepping out of the boat. The part that made me think was when Kahri brought up the question, who is in your boat? Who in your boat is bringing you down? 

Anyway, good day overall! I love my friends and I thank God for them, I thank God for all the things I'm blessed with. 

9 days 'til I go to Texas with Brittany, Dillon and Cody to visit Kelsey and Rachel for Rachel's birthday party... Can't wait!


CurlyCate said...

Great post!
SWITCH was really awesome at Edmond too!
I love hearing another person's (and other campuses') side of it. :)

Thanks for sharing your days with us! You are great writer!

kidborat said...

Thanks for the encouragement! It's good to know people are reading and enjoying my writing =)

CurlyCate said...

You're very welcome! :D
I know how you feel. :) I like that too!
Can't wait to read all about your day today! :D

Kahri said...

I loved hearing you sing on Kelso's video! :-) And love reading your blog.

kidborat said...

Haha thank you.. I was sorta put on the spot on her video so I sounded very weird...but it was funny x)

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