Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yesterday Kelsey and I woke up to constant talking and laughing from the living room (so we walked out laughing) haha! We woke up and talked for a little while and then went to get doughnuts (only to find the dumb doughnut shop doesn't take cash?!?!) so we went to CVS and the guy there called us children for accidentally knocking things over (and picking them up!!) so THEN we went to Subway, and the people there were really nice! We all split footlongs and hung out for awhile before leaving.

Kelsey and Rachel's dad picked us up halfway (we got impatient and started heading back even though he was picking us up) it was reallly cold!
We got back to the house and did some more hanging out, we talked and played Mario Kart and then went to in-n-out burger for was good! Though it's intimidating because the menu is so small, and there are like, secret burgers you have to know to be able to order them..
At the resteraunt my dad called to tell me little Emily was born!


(excuse my excitement)


Then we went to church, the message was really good! I've always been interested in the story of Samson for some reason so I'm excited for this series.
After church we really wanted to walk to dollar general to get some gum...and ended up in the comic book store in between church and dollar general...three girls, two guys (and miss Melanie!) freaking out over the nerdness of all the comics...eeeppiiiccc..

We finally went back to the Walton's place and ended up watching at least an hour of The Big Bang theory while enjoying some guuuuud chili!!! Then we turned on Harry Potter, I made it through about a movie and a half!! Then I fell asleep....aaand got lipstick put on me. And eyeshadow on one eye. And apparently Kelsey gave me a wet willy.. AWESOME. Now everyone knows how heavy a sleeper I am xD

Anyway it was an amazing weekend, and I'm sad to be back, but excited that I'm home to see Emily- I'll post about today later tonight.


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