Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last week I borrowed The Hunger Games from Cody. I finally shut my phone in my room and curled up on the couch on Tuesday to read it.. I finished it the next day. I also had Catching Fire (book two) borrowed from Brittany, and was able to start that immediately, finishing it in two days as well. That's the fasted I've ever read two books. It was really good, the story was intense (but I like intense) and the characters were so likeable. I'm currently still reading the final book (Mockingjay) but reading it much slower, partly I haven't been given the opportunity to read for an entire day, but also because I don't want to finish the trilogy, haha.

Friday was also Jon and Rachel's wedding, I loved it! The colors were green, orange and pink.. So colorful! I thought it was adorable. I loved watching their faces the whole time, just beaming! It was nice to see Riley and Renee at the reception, too!

Sunday we went to the REDvolution concert, with RED, Thousand Foot Krutch, Nine Lashes, Manafest and Kiros.. it was so awesome! We got to meet Nine Lashes and RED after the concert!!

All really awesome people, my aunt Mandy brought a drawing my grandma drew and sent to get signed by RED. It was so awesome showing it to them, they loved it.
(you can see the drawing some in this picture)

My aunt also had the idea to have them make a video for my grandma, she had been really touched by their song "Not Alone" and they made a short video for her.. My aunt and uncle said she cried when she saw it.

I did some babysitting on Monday, and we caught up on family TV last night and SWITCH tonight!

Monday, March 5, 2012

We started more school today, I'm reading the leadership book and we watched part of our History videos. Got the house cleaned up a bit too.

I think I'm going to stop writing every day. I just don't always have anything to write about. But I will make sure and write when I've done something in a day worth talking about. So yep =) I might start adding pictures more too. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today Miranda ended up babysitting for the Lynn's, and we got to go to dinner (to eat some gluten unfriendly food! Haha), stopped by a park for future Harmonic Souls plans.. and went to Walmart, for what felt like hours of random shopping!

Entertaining event, at Walmart we ran into a guy who works at this Thai buffet we've eaten at a few times. This guy always recognized us and when he saw us at walmart he was all excited to see us, he asked about Emily and even asked where Miranda was (she was babysitting). It was funny.

Resting now at home, tonight wore us out!
So I'm being terrible and I didn't read yesterday OR TODAY.. Still been really tired and did actually leave the house yesterday AND today!

Got to go to church last night... it was nice to leave the house and see some of my peoples! =) Though missed seeing some certain people now going to BA... I'll have to go one weekend, I want to see the campus anyway =)

Last night was also Harmonic Souls! Yay =D I love going to that every week, it's now a main way I get to keep in touch with my adopted big brothers Dillon and Cody, and of course ♥ MUSIC!

Came home and watched TV together before crashing for the night.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sadly I was still very tired today. Coughing all day, and dozing. I walked around the house more! It's sad that something like that is an achievement right now. Tomorrow I'm going to make specific effort to read as much as I can. I have the leadership book to read, and I'm really anxious to start reading The Hunger Games. Hoping it's nice again so I can sit outside and read, that would be awesome =)

If I'm feeling back to normal (hopefully I will be) I'm probably going to church and Harmonic Souls tomorrow, at least I'll get out again.

Anyway, I hate blogging when boring =(
So yesterday - March 1st - was/is my 30th day of blogging! I truly wish I hadn't been sick, the weather was so nice, and it would have been cool to have something fun to go do and write about to celebrate my 30th day of blogging! But alas, I sat on the couch and slept off and on all day - again - trying to get some reading in here and there. I started reading The Hunger Games (though only got a little bit into chapter one so far) and I'm starting the leadership book (Next Generation Leaders) that I'm reading with Jenna.

Started feeling much better later in the day/night so that's good! Hoping to be up and around again soon!
I know I got behind again! I forgot to write Wednesday night and then I got sick again =(

First off, it was LEAP DAY.. Only happens once every four years!

Wednesday was SWITCH! Not just Switch but superhero Switch night!! Brittany and I dressed as batman, and Brittany Cowerd dressed as Rouge! (LOVED her costume!)

My Batman

Brittany's Batman

Brittany as Rogue

Shawn wore a superman shirt, and Cody "went as Wolverine" (I say that in quotes because his attempt was half-hearted..but oh well ;P)

Yes, those are Lifechurch pens.

Even though only a few people dressed up it was still fun! We had confused people ask why we were dressed as Batman, it was fun to explain. Another thing to mark off our 77 check!