Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last week I borrowed The Hunger Games from Cody. I finally shut my phone in my room and curled up on the couch on Tuesday to read it.. I finished it the next day. I also had Catching Fire (book two) borrowed from Brittany, and was able to start that immediately, finishing it in two days as well. That's the fasted I've ever read two books. It was really good, the story was intense (but I like intense) and the characters were so likeable. I'm currently still reading the final book (Mockingjay) but reading it much slower, partly I haven't been given the opportunity to read for an entire day, but also because I don't want to finish the trilogy, haha.

Friday was also Jon and Rachel's wedding, I loved it! The colors were green, orange and pink.. So colorful! I thought it was adorable. I loved watching their faces the whole time, just beaming! It was nice to see Riley and Renee at the reception, too!

Sunday we went to the REDvolution concert, with RED, Thousand Foot Krutch, Nine Lashes, Manafest and Kiros.. it was so awesome! We got to meet Nine Lashes and RED after the concert!!

All really awesome people, my aunt Mandy brought a drawing my grandma drew and sent to get signed by RED. It was so awesome showing it to them, they loved it.
(you can see the drawing some in this picture)

My aunt also had the idea to have them make a video for my grandma, she had been really touched by their song "Not Alone" and they made a short video for her.. My aunt and uncle said she cried when she saw it.

I did some babysitting on Monday, and we caught up on family TV last night and SWITCH tonight!


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