Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'll admit I didn't have the best day yesterday, the first half of the day I had a bad temper. It's partially because I have kind of a lot of things going on and little tiny things tend to trigger emotions...gotta love being a teenager right? But after awhile it got me thinking, I was really upset so instead of muttering to myself how bad of a day this is going to be why not Pray and ask God to help me through it? So I did, I felt better after that and got some time to listen to music after I got some chores done. (Music always helps me). Then last night was Engage at Lifechurch, the lifegroups event. They have a long worship set before you go around to different lifegroup booths, and the worship was amazing! There's a song they started doing, a modern/rock version of 'How great thou art' and I LOVE it..strangely, considering I normally do not like the hymn of that song (don't ask why, I don't really know, but it probably had something to do with all the old people singing it at my grandparents church).

So the good outweighs the bad of yesterday, the Worship was really moving. Thank you, God for music!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today I got to take Brennen, a friend of mine, to a movie. We saw The Adventures of Tintin. It was soo good! We got to get lunch and ice cream after too, so that's definitely awesome! I had a blast and I'm glad I got to hang out with her. 
The movie was, again, really really good, I definitely have to say I recommend it, and it's kid friendly!

After the movie I came home and got to just chill out for awhile before Lifegroup.
I love Lifegroup! The Emmons are awesome Lifegroup leaders and I think of them as my second family, I feel very blessed to get to spend time with them as much as we do! 
And of course after Lifegroup we normally get just hang-out time, since my mom and siblings stayed home tonight I had the privilege of playing with Zoe, Gideon and Tobyn.. I love those kiddos to bits!

Definitely a fun day overall, and I thank God for the amazing people I get to do life with.
Yesterday I had an awesome day! I got up early (blah) and went over to Jenna's house at around nine-thirty to watch some movies for the "Watch six inspirational movies in a row" goal on the 77 check book. (inserthappyfacehere) We had already watched one and yesterday knocked off two and a half more! (I have now seen the first half of The Dark Knight three times!)
It was loads of fun, we watched- first Beware of Christians- then yesterday we watched The Book of Eli, Little Women and half of Batman: The Dark Knight. (gotta love our weird combination of movies!) After that we went to help set up for Revolve, a church some friends are starting. I helped set up and then when it started I helped watch the kids. 

Some things I got out of the movies:
The Book of Eli-  I loved how in the movie he was so determined to do what God was telling him to do, after all the doubt and everyone trying to tell him otherwise or stop him, he didn't listen. He kept going. It inspired me to listen closer to God, and if I hear something, chase after it wholeheartedly.

Little Women- Little Women is a great movie about love, family and struggles. I see a lot of myself in Jo when watching this movie, I can be clumsy, stubborn, I can often have a temper, I struggle with not feeling pretty, a lot of things that happened to her I feel like I've had similar situations. (Not to mention she's a writer ;P)
I love the inspiring things Mrs. March says throughout the story.
This quote is a favorite- Mrs. March: "Oh, Jo. Jo, you have so many extraordinary gifts; how can you expect to lead an ordinary life?" It just makes me think, don't try to fit in the world around you, don't try to lead an ordinary life when you are clearly extraordinary!

When we watch five, we're gonna finish with The Help (can't wait!).