Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last night was awesomeee!!!

The day was pretty laid back..but I got VIP tickets for the Rock and Worship Roadshow last night!!!
VIP got us in early, and we got a T-shirt...In getting in early we went in kind of a weird entrance, and got lost. We started following random people when we heard "go that way" and ended up in an elevator getting out on a random floor. We walked out to see a  bunch of people eating and we were kind of confused, just kept walking. 'Til I heard someone call my name. I was really confused but when I looked around it was Rich! We told him we were lost and asked who the people were and he looked over and said "Well, there are some guys from Hawk Nelson over there, Disciple there.." we freaked out! And when he asked if we wanted to meet someone we got more excited. He brought over Micah Sannan from Disciple, he was fun to talk to, Rich told him about Catalyst and Brittany, Kahri and I just stood there smiling at him, a bit too star struck to say anything (we felt stupid for not asking for a picture or autograph or something, ha!) but it was cool to talk to him!

The concert itself was amazing!! I almost cried during Tenth Avenue North's 'By Your Side' and I don't even know why, it was really powerful.

Disciple was fun to watch - Micah did a backflip! - and Hawk Nelson did a cover of Don't Stop Believing at the end of their songs! Awesome!

Fun night! I'm so glad I got to go with my awesome friends... (Thank you for taking me, and for the poster, Kahri!!)


Kahri said...

Thank you for taking us!! It was AWESOME!! I loved it!! Had a blast!

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